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Your business is comprised of so many elements that you can’t possibly do everything in-house. In a world of specialization, it is prudent to outsource your non-core activities to experts in their field. Umeantech are your PCBA experts and provide a comprehensive PCBA turnkey solution for the medical devices, pharmaceuticals, communication, and aerospace industries. 


As a recognized market leader, Umeantech is the one-stop-shop for all your PCBA requirements. We take bald PCBAs and turn them into robust, dependable, fully functioning PCBAs.

Peace Of Mind

By providing a turnkey solution, you only have to deal Umeantech for every aspect of your PCBAs -aspect. Knowing that we deal with only the most reputable vendors when sourcing our parts and the fact that we guarantee every product that leaves our facility gives you the peace of mind to deal with other aspects of your business.

end-to-end solution

Our full end-to-end solution begins at the planning and engineering stage (including procurement), followed by the latest SMT and selective machines, additional hand assembly, QC and post-assembly testing. Umeantech’s skilled staff utilizes its experience to ensure that your PCBAs achieve uniform operating perfection.

the Umeantech vision

Fast turnaround, flexibility, diverse industry experience, and incomparable service and quality at competitive prices are the Umeantech vision.

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